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When it comes to buying a home, some lenders can take on a rather sanctimonious attitude. They want to deal only with those who have faultless credit histories, perfect work records and adequate deposits. But money problems can affect everyone. Adverse credit problems can be linked to a loan default, county court judgements or being a discharged bankrupt.

Sometimes people get into debt through no fault of their own and, even if they have been to blame, want to sort things out. Certainly no-one taking out a mortgage wants to see their property repossessed.  

However, there is some good news in that some lenders are willing to provide adverse credit mortgages. Deals are unlikely to match standard mortgages; lenders in the adverse credit market - which is also sometimes described as 'sub-prime' or 'non-conforming' - will charge higher rates. 

While the lenders clearly want to keep some degree of separation between their standard and adverse credit divisions, the deals they are offering are less punitive than in the past. Most lenders will also cut the interest rate if borrowers keep up a good payment record. And, after three years, it may be possible to switch to a standard loan.

Your application will be thoroughly vetted and the interest set according to the risk the lender believes you pose.  You may also be subject to redemption penalties, but these should cease to apply after three years.

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Who is IVA Mortgage Expert? 

We specialise in helping people with past financial problems obtain a mortgage.  We have access to all major mortgage lenders and are experts in our field. 

We have spent many years talking to and educating Lenders regarding IVAs and understanding their criteria so that we know what is required in order to successfully obtain mortgages for our clients.  

We are also regular contributors as Mortgage Experts on an IVA Forum and have been for many years, providing advice on preparing people to be in a good position to obtain a mortgage following their IVA being cleared. 

In some instances, we have been successful in helping people obtain mortgages sooner. 

Due to the lack of understanding within the world of arranging mortgage finance for people in or coming out of an IVA, we launched IVA Mortgage Expert, specifically to provide a dedicated service to those needing help and advice to remortgage or to buy a home.

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